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PRESTOGEL - Dr. Alex Viminiz remarks

Dr. Alex Viminiz who carried our clinical trials for presto gel in his clinic has, himself, suffered from hemorrhoids for many years. The following is his own record of the experience with Presto Gel.

„As a physician, I'd like to write a few words in appreciation of Presto Gel.

I conducted clinical trials on over 200 participants suffering from various stages of hemorrhoids.

I myself as a veteran with this problem was the first patient treated with Presto Gel.

In the past, I, like the others, used various ointments and suppositories without much improvement. Especially, because of their limitation to long term use due to such ingredients as Zinc, Bismuth, Steroids and other chemicals.

Hemorrhoids during a severe attack are unbearable it was especially frustrating that there was no immediate or adequate solution to this problem.

Toward the last phase of the trial, I had a severe 3rd degree attack with constant pain and pressure accompanied with light bleeding during defecation which continued for two months.

Right after completing the development of the improved final formula of the preparation I began using it for myself, becoming the first patient in the last phase of the trial.

Later, 60 more patients joined me in this clinical trial under my supervision.

The results were beyond all expectations, just amazing!”

Dr. Alex Viminiz