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Presto gel - Effective and quick help at treatment of hemorrhoids
PRESTO GEL provides fast relief from:
» Pain;
» Itching;
» Bleeding;
» Ederna.

Gel for treatment of hemorrhoids

Presto Gel is a revolutionary product for hemorrhoids treatment. It contains a unique and advanced composition of highly active natural ingredients in a breakthrough formula.


Presto Gel provides fast relief from pain and anal discomforts caused by Haemorrhoids and anal fissures, such as: burning, itching, swelling, irritation and sensitivity.

Presto Gel – a calming formula of fast action. Immediately after applying the Presto Gel, in a few seconds appears a feeling of strong local cooling which at once directly and considerably relieves the pains, further passing to pleasant warming feeling. Presto Gel disinfects rectal area, destroying the bacterial infection causing an inflammation,promotes reduction of blood vessels subject to a local inflammation, helps to stop bleeding at an inflammation of a mucous rectum and promotes natural process of healing.

Composition: Water, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Triethanolamin, Carbomer, Geranium Thunbergii Extract, Pogostemon Cablinleaf Extract. Does not contain harmful chemical additives: als, sls, parabens and Sodium chloride, as well as substances of animal origin.

The development and clinical testing performed by Dr. Alexander Viminiz and Dr. Shimon Shohet was aimed to develop the preparation based on natural ingredients.

Presto Gel is developed, clinically researched and manufactured in Israel under a license issued by the Ministry of Health of Israel.