Presto Gel
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Method of application of PRESTO GEL
- Allows unlimited duration of use.
- Without side effects
- May be used by pregnant and postnatal women.
- May be used by both men and women of all ages, without contradiction to other medications or arousing inter-medicinal reactions.
- Acts fast and efficiently in relieving and alleviating local pain and pressure and has a significant disinfective ability against bacterial infections which cause inflammations in the rectal area.
Method of application:
Presto gel is used locally by applying it directly on the affected area. For best results Presto Gel should be applied 4-6 time daily. In severe cases, apply as many times as needed. There is no limit to the duration of use.
To gain maximum benefit from treatment with Presto Gel:

Wash the rectal area after every bowel movement and at least 2-3 times daily.

Apply the gel after each bowel movement and after washing the rectal area.

Continued treatment brings significant improvement in the general condition of hemorrhoids.

Do not stop treatment with Presto Gel until desired results have been achieved.

Presto Gel suitable for men and women of all ages, pregnant women, postnatal women and children over 12 years.